Got a query? You may be able to answer it faster than we can by taking a look at the answers to frequently asked questions below. If there is something we have missed, shoot us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.  

Q. I'm from Japan, what are the shipping costs associated with ordering a Quad Lock?

If you live in Japan shipping costs are calculated and displayed at the last stage of the check out process. You can select various shipping options depending on your budget and how quickly you want it shipped. We recommend selecting shipping options that can be tracked (such as ParcelForce or TNT if available), especially if you have difficulty getting products delivered to your address.

Q. Where will my order ship from?

Your product will be shipped from our warehouse in East Sussex (United Kingdom) or Sydney (Australia). Shipping costs will be calculated accordingly and various options displayed at the last stage of the check out. Please Note regular Royal Mail and Australia Post do not offer tracking. We suggest selecting Parcel Force or TNT if you require your package to be tracked (Not available to all locations).

Q. Which shipping carrier do you use?

Standard shipping from the UK to Japan will be via Royal Mail and via Australia Post if coming from Australia. Please note this shipping method does not provide tracking. Depending on your location, other shipping options such as Parcel Force and TNT may also available and can be selected at the time of placing your order.

Q. How long after placing my order will the product ship?

Depending on when you place your order, your items will ship within 1-2 business days of ordering.

Q. Is the Quad Lock Case compatible with my iPhone/Samsung/Nokia/HTC smart phone?

At present, we make Quad Lock Cases for iPhone 6/6S and 6 Plus/6S Plus. However we do have a Universal Adaptor which allows you to use almost any device with the Quad Lock Mounting System.

Q. Is it possible to use the Quad Lock System with an OtterBox Case?

Yes, the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor is compatible with hard plastic cases such as the "Commuter" series. Silicone or rubber cases such as the "Defender" series case also work but you'll need to trim a section of the silicone away to allow the Universal Adaptor to be affixed directly to the hard plastic case. The Universal Adaptor has a 3M VHB adhesive which will bond very well to most plastics, but remember to clean the surface using rubbing alcohol before applying the adaptor. 

Q. What types of surface can I stick the Quad Lock Wall Mounts to?

The Wall Mounts use 3M VHB adhesive tape which will stick to most flat non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic and painted surfaces. They won't stick to porous surfaces such as rubber, uncoated wood/timber or your dog! Make sure to thoroughly clean the surface with rubbing alcohol before affixing the mount.

Q. Can the wall mounts be removed and re-used?

Wall mounts can easily be removed with the application of heat (from a hair dryer), but unfortunately the adhesive is not designed to be re-useable. Additional mounts can be purchased here > Wall Mount Twin Pack

Q. How do I remove the Quad Lock Case from my iPhone?

The Quad Lock Case is designed to have a snug fit to ensure your iPhone is securely attached for rugged activities such as mountain biking and motorcycling. That said, the case is easy to remove if you use the proper technique. Watch the video below to see how to properly remove the case. 

If you're still having trouble some of our customers have suggested using rubber gloves or rubber thimbles to get better grip on the edge of the case when removing the iPhone.

Q. How strong is the Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro?

VERY strong! The Bike Mount PRO is the strongest and lightest mount on the market. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

Q. How strong is the Quad Lock Wall Mount?

Strong enough to hang from.... Check out the video below for more information.

Q. Can I resell/distribute/represent Quad Lock products in my country?

If you are interested in stocking/distributing our products please visit the Become a dealer page.

Q. What is your refund and returns policy?

We have a 30 day money back guarantee policy which allows you to return your product for up to 30 days after purchase if you are not satisfied. We also have a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all parts. If you require a refund or need to return your item please email support@quadlockcase.com and we will be in touch. Our complete return policy can be found here.

If we still haven't answered your question we suggest you ask us a question or check out our support forums.


The Quad Lock Team